H. J. Wickett

A 1929 invoice to Charles Cory from Wickett's Garage.

The first entry is dated February 1928, but the invoice wasn't issued until October 1929!

The garage opened about 1923 by Mr. Herbert Wickett, selling and repairing cars and motor cycles, petrol etc.

Wickett's garage in 1935.

The writing reads 'Wireless Etc', 'Motor Cycles', 'Cars' and 'Electrical Goods'. H.J. Wickett, F. Brown, W. Prance

For nearly 20 years they supplied electricity to the village.

On Mr. Wickett's retirement the garage was taken over by Mr. Walter Prance and Mr. Wilfred Jennings.

Walter Prance and Wilf Jennings in the 1940's

On the death of Mr. Walter Prance his son Keith became a partner.

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