Mr. Wade's furniture store has been going since the 1918 war, their present shop was built in 1967.

Albert Wade's horse and cart in the 1910's. Notice in the middle of Higher Terrace there was once an archway.

Four generations have owned the business.

Mr. Albert Wade, his son Edmund, then his son Claude and after his death Peter.

They also had a Billiard Room and sold cigarettes and sweets etc.

This photo of the hunt in the 1900's shows the view to the south of the Square - first the Assembly room and then Wade's showroom have replaced the bank.

Where the road from Holsworthy enters the Square, in the building that is now used as a store by Wades, there were once three workshops.

The first was used for many years by Mr. W. Slade, a shoe repairer who also sold footwear.

Wades store and Assembly room in 1967-8

The next was used for some years as a cycle shop by Mr. R.L. Prouse who later built a workshop and moved to St. Peter's Cottage.

Mr. Knight also used the workshop for some years for cycle repairing.

The other workshop was used between the two wars by Mr. Fred Gliddon, a saddler.

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