Eastways, formerly the Temperance Hotel, was built by Mr. E. Westaway just before the turn of the century.

Wades Hotel in the 1940's

It was owned for many years by Mr. Hayman Cory (also the butcher) and family, then taken over by his son Mr. Stanley Cory.

In 1938 the property was sold to Mr. Charles Wade who ran a haulage business.

On the death of Mr. Wade, 1965, it was purchased by Mr. John Dunn who turned it into three residences. In 1981 these were purchased by Mr. and Mrs. John Cann.

Mr. V.G. Ham ran a successful butchers business for some years in the courtyard of Wades Hotel. This closed early in Second World War when he was called up.

Arscot (known as 'Ascott') lived at Fair View, off the Square and was a saddler. He was also a noted beekeeper and shipped large consignments of honey from Holsworthy station.

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