Bradworthy Inn & Hotel

Rethatching the Inn roof after the fire at the turn of the century

The thatched part of the Inn, formerly known as the New Inn, is probably the oldest dwelling in the village.

There are traditions of a 12th century origin and the present house could date from the 15th century if not earlier.

The popularity of Bradworthy as a holiday centre appears to be increasing, there have been a record number of visitors staying in the village and neighbourhood. (August 1964)

In the 1920's the Bradworthy Inn was signed 'The Hotel' and was a fully licensed Free House.

Notice there is not yet a clock on the church tower.

It would have been on church lands and was probably the early village alehouse

Later it become the Church House where the village folk assembled to celebrate their feast days.

Les Belson retired in 1993 after running the Bradworthy Inn for 25 years.

Pictured are Marcus Millman, Marty Jenkins, Les Belson, and Mrs. M. Millman

Owners and landlords 1900-1999

Mr. W.J. Bond
Mr. Bryan
Mr. Grant
Major Stanton
Mr. David Lovell
Mr. W. Winter
Mr. & Mrs. Shipp
Mr. Sam Tedman
Mr. Colin Bassett
Mr. Ashford
Mr. Les Belson
John & Fleur Morris
Alan & Les Chapman

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