Mill Road

Alan Balsdon rebuilt Wades Showroom in the 1960's.

Notice the specially positioned advertising board on the side of the dumper truck!

Alan is resting on the cement mixer with his back to camera.

A.J. Balsdon

Mr. Alan Balsdon, builder, has a large modern workshop and has built over 67 houses during the last 20 years.


Brothers, Roger and John Walters, carried on their trade as blacksmiths first in the store, now used by John Balsdon, and later in the premises now used by Mr. P. Wade. Shoeing horses, wheelwrights, repairing agricultural implements were their main tasks. They closed down at the end of the last war.

The agent for the Post and News for Bradworthy and district is Mr. R.L. Prouse, Newsagent, etc., Mill Road, who will be pleased to deliver the paper on Fridays on request. (August 1932)

Later this store was used by Mr. Fred Balsdon as an animal feed store, later by Crossfields Ltd. They closed it and Mr. Colin Guard took it on as a lorry repair garage, at present it is used as a furniture store.

W. Millman

For many years Mr. W. Millman contracted out his earthworking equipment, but now his business transports such machinery.

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