Several water mills, known as grist mills, were used to grind wheat for flour and other grain for feeding farm stock.

Bradworthy Mill is mentioned almost as early as the Church, and was the last of the three mills to cease work. Jennings, Bond, and Grills were the names of some of the millers. The last was Fred Harding whose mill stopped working not long after the end of the First World War.

There was also Waterlands Mill, worked by members of the Grills family, who also farmed Waterlands Farm.

Ash Mill, on the Torridge in the north-east corner of the parish, was Walter property, and later associated with a family of Johns. The last miller here was John Johns (also known as Ralph). His first wife was killed in the mill.

Alfardisworthy Mill was probably a private mill that served that estate and surrounding residents.

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