Doctors Surgery

The present doctors surgery was for many years Walter's shop, which was a very good long established business selling drapery, groceries and seeds.

Walters shop in the 1950's. Miss G. Cornish, Mrs. A. Perkins, Mrs. D. Slee

The shop was run by Miss Walter and, later, by Mr. Jim Westaway.

In the 1940's this was sold to Mr. W.L. Wickett who sold it in 1954 to Mr. Bert Perkins, who kept it for several years before selling on to Mr. Clark in 1963.

He then sold it to Mark and Jan Haynes who opened a chemist and sublet part for Jana's Hair Salon.

This was then purchased by Dr. J. Betts in 1978 and is now a very fine medical centre.

A branch of the Walter family were also blacksmiths.

Mr. William Walter was succeeded by his sons Roger Burgoyne and John.

Notice the interesting spelling of 'Holsworthy'!

They had a smithy attached to the premises of A.F. Balsdon, but later located in Mill Road.

Both Roger and John sang in the Parish Church choir.

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