Martin and Co.

Martin & Co in 1936. The shop next to Cory's is still marked 'Jennings-Butcher'.

The shop in the corner is no longer Barfett's but Balsdon's. There are 6 dogs on Square!

This business started in the 1870's by Mr. Reuben Martin.

It was then taken over by his son John who built the present shop in 1908, they were also shoemakers.

He owned it until his death when his daughter Grace took over.

The staff of Martin & Co in 1972.

Susan Downing, Marlene Harris, Diane Bryant, Maureen Yeo, John Cann, Tom Cann

Mr. Tom Cann went into partnership and when Grace married Mr. H. Wickett he purchased the entire business.

This he ran for many years until it was eventually taken over by his son, John, when John Wellington also became a partner.

Their main goods are hardware, furniture, carpets, shoes etc.

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