Artists and sculptors

Bradworthy has produced no eminent artists, yet there is a well known artist today, Philip Jackson, whose mother was from here and a long line of ancestors.

Philip is a versatile artist and has painted some fine landscapes and seascapes. He has put on many successful exhibitions.

During the time the late Mr. F.M. Collier resided at Blatchborough, a small but valuable collection of paintings was housed there, some of them Calmady ancestors who had owned the Blatchborough estate.

Among these was a life-size drawing of the Calmady children (Laura-Jane and Emily) made by Sir Thomas Lawrence prior to his famous portrait of the (1824) which is now hung in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA.

Two artists have come into the parish in recent years, both living at Hardsworthy.

Mr. Michael Lees moved to the parish in 1985, and finds North Devon 'an unending source of inspirational material'.

Mrs. Phyllis Grubb, who is no longer resident here, painted both landscapes and portraits.

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