Industrial Estate

In the late 1960's Devon County Council drew up what was known as the Devon Structure Plan and Bradworthy was one of four parishes in the Holsworthy Rural Council area that was selected as a 'key settlement'.

The view from the Church tower to the north-east, with Lew in the background.

The land south of North Road was included in the plan for Bradworthy as land for industrial use. In the early 1970's after Holsworthy Rural District Council was disbanded and Torridge District Council was formed the owner of the land set aside for industry offered it for sale.

As District Councillor for Bradworthy and hearing that the land was for sale I made an appointment with the Chief Executive to let him know that the land was for sale and asked him to prepare a report to put before the Development Committee with offer to purchase. After much opposition from a few Bideford members it was passed to be purchased and the Planning Officer was told to prepare a plan and layout. At that time Dartington was interested in rural industries and Torridge District Council invited them to undertake the industry part of the plan. Torridge would do the layout of the drains, roads etc. Half the site for houses and half for industry with the site which is now the Bowling Green to be kept as an open space. When several of the houses were built close to where the bowling club is now, it was seen to be the ideal site for bowls. Then the fun began. Again I approached the Chief Executive for help as the original plan had been for this area to remain as an open site.

Bradworthy now wanted it as a site for bowls. I asked Torridge Council if they would sell it to the Parish Council with a view to then selling it to the bowling club when they were in a position to purchase it. When this proposal was put before the development committee there was strong opposition from many members who felt that the land should be kept for building houses on. With the support of the Chief Executive and the Planning Officer the Parish Council bought the site to be passed on to the bowling club.

John Cann